How this Dutch brand became immensely popular among international celebrities

How this Dutch brand became immensely popular among international celebrities

The Dutch brand Zoe Karssen is loved by these celebs.

This article was written in collaboration with Zoe Karssen.

2010, Amsterdam. Zoe Karssen is launched and in no time it is known worldwide. International celebrities like Beyoncé, Emma Roberts, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne were spotted on the streets in the items with distinct graphics. In 2019, the brand took a different path. Sustainability and innovation became the code words, without giving up the creativity, quality and rebelliousness that so characterises Zoe Karssen. And that now looks like this.

Zoe Karssen produces clothes on demand

 In 2019, Zoe Karssen joined forces with innovative top designer Erik Frenken. At Zoe Karssen you can buy your entire wardrobe since then, from cool denim items to chic jackets and from comfortable jumpers to sexy cocktail dresses. All with the recognisable graphic prints, such as the bat logo.

The collections are small and exclusive and mainly produced in small production houses in Portugal. This way Zoe Karssen not only guarantees the quality of her clothing, but also prevents overproduction (and thus unnecessary waste!)

Not only by producing small editions does Zoe Karssen hope to make the fashion world a little kinder to the planet. With the 'Zoe Karssen By Me' concept, Zoe Karssen also hopes to improve the fashion industry through personification. Zoe Karssen By Me' is an on-demand programme in which clothing items are only produced after they have been ordered. And the production takes place in the Netherlands!

Which items can be ordered via 'Zoe Karssen By Me'? Think soft jumpers, oversized hoodies and comfortable sweatpants. All items are made of organic cotton and with those recognizable Zoe Karssen graphics. Extra nice to mention: in the future it will be possible to provide each item with your own name or other print! So according to Zoe Karssen, you can emphasise your own identity and self-confidence even further with your outfit.

How to add Zoe Karssen to your capsule wardrobe

Every Zoe Karssen collection has one recognisable theme. Leopard' is the theme of the spring and summer collection of 2021 and 'Paint Splashes' is visible on every item of this year's pre-winter collection.

Because every collection is built around one theme, you can easily add Zoe Karssen items to your capsule wardrobe. How? Look at which collection, and therefore which theme, suits your style, and then check which items you still need from it to complete your capsule wardrobe. Maybe you're missing a good basic, or your capsule wardrobe could use a few show ponies. Zoe Karssen has it all, it's just what you need and what suits you.