's new campaign is all about self-reflection's new campaign is all about self-reflection

New fashion platform targets modern woman who 'sometimes just has to run for the bus'. According to the web shop, this is the largest group of buyers. launches a new platform focused on its fashion range, or 'The shop of fashion to live in'. With the platform, the webstore aims at the Dutch and Flemish woman who finds it important to look beautiful, but also knows that fashion 'is not above everything'.

Just run for the bus

In the TV commercial, shows 'real self-confident women' who also 'command attention with their cool catwalk look'. Whereas top models in the world of fashionistas usually strut at their own pace, in real life you sometimes just have to run for the bus, is the credo.


We are a down-to-earth Dutch brand that makes communication with a wink. We stay true to that with this new campaign and it helps us stand out in the fashion industry', explains Renee de Brouwer, campaign manager at Whereas fashion communication is often about self-confidence, in this campaign we focus on putting ourselves in perspective. The world is about more than clothes, although you also want to look nice.

A down-to-earth view of fashion

Niels Moes, manager marcom b2c at, answers the question whether the emphasis on this 'self-confident woman' doesn't come across as pedantic: 'The campaign is mainly about's down-to-earth view of the fashion world. We often paint a picture that does not match reality. Fashion to live in is about feeling good in clothes, but it should also be wearable in everyday situations. That is what we have tried to show. Is the fashion-conscious man also served? Moes: 'Fashion is universal, so yes, we also take men into account. We do see that women are the largest buyers group, so we put more focus on them.

The campaign, developed in cooperation with agencies Dept and Czar, is being rolled out on television, social media, out of home, display and online video. Watch it below: 


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