Sustainable on your demand

Zoe Karssen was launched in Amsterdam in 2010 and quickly became known worldwide for its distinctive graphics. For example, Beyoncé, Emma Roberts, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne were regularly spotted in Zoe Karssen. After a global presence, the brand reinvented itself in 2019. The ambition is to add more creativity and personification and to structurally improve the industry. Big ambitions that find their way into the new Zoe Karssen On Demand. A programme on your demand meant for cool individual items with minimal impact on our environment.
Zoe Karssen On Demand offers a collection of various basics with a variety of colours and graphics. For these unique items applies: ordered today, produced tomorrow and delivered the day after tomorrow.

Zoe Karssen On Demand contributes to a better society and fashion industry. Our high quality products are made of organic cotton and the composition of item and print is done in the Netherlands. It is done in a sustainable way and with dyes that are a minimal burden on our environment. We do not keep stock, but produce on the basis of your order. Minimum waste and because you have composed your own item, we expect fewer returns. Another step towards a better world.

 Finally, Zoe Karssen On Demand proves; locally produced does not have to be more expensive. The programme has been set up in cooperation with various parties, each of which has its own specialisation and thus contributes its own bit. This way Zoe Karssen On Demand creates unique items for you with minimal burden and an optimal own product.

With love, Zoe Karssen