We believe that things can and must be done differently! The fashion industry is polluting, is often associated with bad working conditions in low-wage countries and a part of the produced clothes is often destroyed unworn. Unacceptable as far as we are concerned. For people and the environment. 

Zoe Karssen dares to do things differently and takes concrete steps forward. The Zoe On Demand program is one such concrete step. Literally production based on your demand! You decide which Tee or Sweat you like and based on your order, your garment is finished and sent to you. 48 hours from order to delivery. No unused stock and no waste. Locally produced in the Netherlands.

Para conseguir isso, trabalhamos em conjunto com parceiros. Um fornecedor de roupas confiável que garante a você (e a nós) que suas roupas são feitas de algodão biológico. Um que trata seu pessoal de produção decentemente e ousa ter sua cadeia certificada por órgãos independentes. Nosso parceiro está, assim como nós, consciente do fato de que temos que fazer melhor.

Our other partner in the On Demand program is based in the Netherlands and is fully specialized in environmentally friendly printing techniques. Your Tee or Sweat is therefore finished with a minimum impact on the environment. Because our partner is located in the Netherlands and is fully equipped for the production of individual garments, we also have a minimal impact on the environment here.