We prefer to produce our clothing as close to home as possible. Part of our production takes place in the Netherlands, while the rest is produced in small series in Portugal, Turkey and Bulgaria with dedicated partners. This limits the journey of your garment and fewer kilometers means less pollution. We believe that the quality of our clothing is very important, but we cannot and do not want to separate it from the people who produce it. We therefore consider good working conditions and fair pay to be essential. By working with dedicated partners, we try to guarantee this and because of our collaborations close to home, we have more control over this than going for the cheapest option further away. Our production partners are certified without exception.

One of our most important thoughts in everything we do is the amount of waste we create. Our On Demand program is a huge step forward in this respect. No stock and only a sweat or tee with print when you have entered the order! Zoe Karssen is a frontrunner in the industry with this and our ambition in this respect reaches further. We strive to have all production take place after order. To this end, we are busy talking to partners and making progress. For those products where we are not yet so successful, we at least ensure small production numbers. That way we can be sure that all our clothes will be sold and we can offer you a level of exclusivity! 

Our clothing should last and be comfortable, which is why we use the best possible materials. Materials with durable characteristics and of high quality. Where possible, we choose for example for sustainably grown cotton and we pay attention to the production techniques used to reduce the environmental impact. Our sweats and tees from the On Demand program, for example, are all made of Bio Cotton, while the denims are made of organically grown cotton. The production takes place with consideration for the environment.

Our journey continues
We are a pioneer and a trendsetter and we want to stay that way. We have many ideas and dare to experiment. Ahead of our time, for a better living environment for all of us. For example, we recently made our clothes available for rent ( to gain experience with alternative business models and we are currently actively looking at exchange possibilities. For example, we recently made our clothes available for rent ( to gain experience with alternatives and we are currently actively looking at swapping of used clothes. In all areas, there is room for improvement and change, and we are embracing that challenge. Join us!